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About the CEO & Founder:

Hi my name is Ireenii Irvin Owner & CEO of Life, Love & Relationship LLC.  In this role, Coach Ireenii manages & leads a team providing exceptional life changing empowerment coaching services, encompassing all areas of life, love and relationships. She is a big believer in healing, &  supports uncovering the roots of pain, forgiveness, speaking up for oneself, & positive decision making that creates an environment of  wholeness for our mind, body, soul, & spirit. 

Coach Ireenii is a qualified Life Empowerment Coach and holds the Certification from The Christian Woman’s CEO Life Coach School, a Licensed Evangelist Missionary from The Nor Cal Metropolitan Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Mother Plumie Dancy Licensing Institute, Valedictorian of Discipleship 101 of Blessed Faith Ministries, as well as Associates of Applied Science in Criminology of Maric College.    

Coach Ireenii is no stranger to pain, uncovering the truth of our pain, & identifying areas of brokenness & unpacking it. Having spent 6 years as a Default Prevention Counselor and 9 years as a Director of Kids Kamp, 18 Years as a youth study group teacher, where she taught and equipped others how to be the best version of them-selves. While mapping out personalized strategic plans to help them overcome the current problems they were facing in their life; as well as strengthened and empowered through intentional instruction, and hands on learning for the results of effective change. Coach Ireenii has more than 18 years of experience in Life Guidance Counseling prior to starting her Life Empowerment Coaching business and worked for a diverse range of organizations, including Blessed Faith Ministries , All Nations Church of God in Christ , ECMC,  Cost U Less Insurance, Sprint, Subway, & Reenii’s Deep Condition.

Life Empowerment Coach Ireenii offers women between the ages of 25-40 who are busy, on the go, family care takers, who work and goes to school the opportunity to transform their lives. They are single/married or mothers, who have a caring heart, they love life, people and there alone time. They are women who like to laugh, love honesty & truth, who are a little afraid of change but not afraid to do it. Willing to take risk at any cost to better them & be free. They are women whose passion is to help others, loves being able to give from their heart, and work with their hands but they lack the skills needed to be assertive, are passive aggressive about facing conflict and tends to avoids it. Their family and friends needs come before their own and she has no real time to focus on self. She wants to learn how to drop the weight of carrying others, gain her voice back, stop being too nice, & gain the confidence needed so that she is no longer inwardly dying from abasing herself in relationships. With love, support, encouragement & uplifting of Coach Ireenii with her passion for healing, she will help you become fully confident in who you are, be fearless and be able to speak up for yourself! She will teach you the tools you need to learn and be motivated that “She Can, She Will and She Must Thrive”! She is too blessed to be stressed! You will walk away from this program a better version of yourself with confidence as you learn to put yourself first, walk in freedom, confidence, be bold & aware of your worth If you’re tired of being manipulated, lied to, taken advantage of, and not being heard and not showing up on time for you. It is time to be honest about where you are, walk in your authenticity & genuiness, to be able to overcome the current life circumstances that you are facing & take you off the back burner. Drawing on 18 years of experience in Coaching, Life, and Relationship Guidance, Coach Ireenii now focuses mainly on Life, Love and Relationship Coaching offering a wide range of programs and services, from 1 on 1 individual coaching  (30 min & 1 hour  sessions) to 8 week Group Power Sessions (32 course Hours)  and Focus Groups(1 hour)

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