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Testimonials: Testimonials

Sharie Peterson

What could I say Reenii's hair products are nothing but amazing. I have been using Reenii's since 2015, so 5 years and counting the products I use are the elixir, leave in conditioner, and the all you'll ever need oil. I currently now have been using these products on myself , my daughters hair, and I use them on my husband due to some hair thinning and after 2 weeks he has already began to see results of hair thickening back. I am so glad to have met her. Ireenii is very sweet and professional I have NEVER had any problems with my products or the service's she provides. I have been to her to have a deep conditioning dont by her. She makes sure she care for your hair with so much love. She has
expanded her products and I cant wait to get to try the rest. Thank you Reenii's for your service.

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