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About All Things Reenii

Reenii’s Deep Condition is a home based salon offering  Natural Hair Care services and products specifically formulated for people with kinky, curly, wavy and strait hair textures.  We love educating our clients about how to obtain, manage, & achieve healthy hair to get the amazing results the need & want. Here at Reenii’s we believe in teaching men and women how to love their hair just the way God made it to be. instilling in our clients the reason why taking care of their hair is so important, all while using the right naturally made organic products that will not only improve the overall quality of their hair , but nourish, strengthen ,grow & improve the way  your hair looks and feels.  Ireenii Irvin also affectionately known as Reenii  (Reenii’s Deep Condition )is a Natural Hair Care company.  A Sacramento Native who was born in Anchorage Alaska, and raised in the heart of Oak Park California. She began doing hair at the young age of 12 developing a love for the way hair looks and feels.  She begin developing her own hair care products in the summer of 2014 when she got tired of buying products that were not only drying out her hair but causing a lot of breakage . She began a long journey of researching the ingredients listed in various products figuring out which ones were safe and which ones were not. She got to look at key ingredients that helped to not only promote hair growth but also helped to heal the strands as it grew.  It was then that she knew she was going to put her passion of healing with her passion of growth and consistency right into the products she developed for her customers. For with God all things are possible (Matt 19:26)

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